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                                                                                                        BJ AND MADDIE


                                                                                            Windinoll Kennel
Windinoll Kennel was started in 1956 with the purchase of a 101 acre farm in Forward Township . The farm, twenty miles southeast of Pittsburgh , PA , was purchased for Betty Jane to raise English Springer Spaniels. In the seventies, BJ became a licensed handler (AKC R-435) in 18 different breeds, encompassing 5 groups.

The kennel was built solely to house show dogs until BJ received a tearful phone call from her sister, Doris. Doris relayed a distressing encounter her dog, Holly, experienced at her regional boarding facility. Doris requested that her dog come to the “farm” for boarding. BJ went to Doris's home to pick up “Holly” and soon the neighbors were asking if BJ would take their dogs as well. This led to a pick-up and delivery service that has continued to the present time.

We have a beautiful rural setting built with the comfort of the animals in mind: private indoor pens in an air conditioned/heated environment, with attached private outdoor gravel runs enclosed within a ¼ acre exercise yard, giving the dogs greater freedom in a secure setting. We restrict the number of guests to ensure that each animal gets the required amount of individual attention.

BJ tried to retire, but the sweet-talk was “Oh yes, cut back, but still take a few dogs like mine,” so the boarding continued. BJ cut back on her own dogs, stopped handling and stopped breeding her Springers.

Later, BJ met and immediately fell in love with English Cocker Spaniels. After a two-year wait, she was able to purchase a “Louie” (Lobell's Most Happy Fellow) son from Ruth White and Dee Hasley, whom she named “Windinoll Maddigan O'Dorsey.” He was the start of the Windinoll English Cocker Spaniels.



                                                                                         MADDIE MY BOY



Windinoll Cocker Spaniels (left to right): Ch. Windinoll Maddigan O'Dorsey C.D., Windinoll I Won't Dance, Windinoll Never Gonna Dance, and Windinoll Caitlin O'Dorsey pictured with Kris Rippel, personal handler for Windinoll


                                                                                             Dancin Litter - left to right
                                                                                    Windinoll Dancin in the Dark: "Dewy"
                                                                                    Windinoll Shall We Dance: "Tilly"
                                                                                    Windinoll Never Gonna Dance: "Darcy"
                                                                                    Windinoll I Won't Dance: "Lucy"


                                                                                     Sire: Ch. Windinoll Maddigan O'Dorsey
                                                                                     Dam: Windinoll Adelaide O'Dorsey
                                                                                     Born: January 6th, 2004



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