Command List for DxNet:


SHow/Announce                  Announcement list

SHow/Beam <locator>            Show azimut/distance

SHow/BAse or /DATAbase         Available Databases on this cluster

SHow/CLuster                   Short Cluster configuration

SHow/Configuration             Cluster configuration

SHow/Date                      See the current date

SHow/DX                        See the 5 last spots

SHow/DX/n [band] [prefix]      See the n last spots (see detailed help: ? SH/DX)

SHow/Filter                    See the DX announcement status

SHow/LANGuage                  Language list

SHow/Prefix <prefix>           Search the DXCC database

SHow/STation <callsign>        Display information for the station call

SHow/Time                      Show the current time

SHow/Users                     Local cluster configuration

SHow/USERCmd                   Display the commands executed at loging

SHow/WWFilter                  Show your WW filter status

SHow/WWV                       Display WWV propagation information

SET/BEep [d] [a] [t] [l] [w]   Enable BEEP alerts

SET/DX_announcements           Enable the DX announcements

SET/Filter <...>               Enable a DX announcement filter

SET/Here                       You're here

SET/NOHere                     You're away

SET/HOME <cluster_call>        Set your home cluster

SET/LANGuage <num_language>    Set the language (see sh/lang)

SET/LOCator <locator>          Set your locator

SET/LOGIn                      Enable login/logout messages

SET/NAME <name>                Set your first name

SET/NOBeep [d] [a] [t] [l] [w] Disable BEEP alerts

SET/NODX_announcements         Disable the DX announcements

SET/NOFilter                   Disable the DX announcement filter

SET/NOLogin                    Disable login/logout messages

SET/NOWwfilter                 Disable the WW annoucements feature

SET/QTH <city>                 Set your QTH

SET/USERCmd                    Set the commands which are executed at login

Announce <msg>                 Send a local announcement

Announce/Full <msg>            Send a cluster-wide announcement

Bye (or Quit)                  Quit

CONFerence                     Enter the local conference

CONFerence/Full                Enter the cluster-wide conference

CONVert/L2C                    Convert a locator to coordinates

CONVert/C2L                    Convert coordinates to a locator

DX <freq> <dxcall> [comments]  Send a DX spot [freq is in Khz]

EU                             Edit user information

Information                    Display the informations about the server

Kill <#>                       Kill a message

List                           Show the new messages

LL <#>                         Show the last # messages

LM                             Show the whole message addressed to me

LN                             Show the new mail messages addresed to me

L> <recipient>                 Show all messages addressed to <recipient>

L< <sender>                    Show all messages sent by <sender>

LS <title>                     Show all message containing <title> in title

Read <#>                       Read a message

Send <callsign>[@cluster]      Send a message

Talk [callsign]                Send a break message to [callsign]

WWV <SFI> <A> <K> [comments]   Send a WWV propagation information

Other Help:

Access to Databases:           Enter ? BASE for help on the Databases

Messaging commands:            Enter ? MSG for help on the messaging commands.

You can obtain a detailed help about any command by typing:

? [cmd] (example: ? SH/DX or ? SH for extra help on all SH/xxx)

A command can be shortened by using only the letters shown in capital.

his command displays the liste of the #n last spots.

The band and/or the prefix may also be specified.

The default value of (#n) is 5


         SH/DX      (5  last DX spots)

         SH/DX/10   (10 last DX spots)

         SH/DX 40   (5  last DX spots on the 40m band)

         SH/DX 2 PA (5  last DX spots with PA stations on the 2m band)

                        For more help contact jimmy at