Linuxnode Command Reference

LinuxNode} Commands:

?, Bye, Connect, CONV, Escape, Finger, Help, HOst, Info, Links, Mheard, PIng, Ports, Status, TAlk, Telnet, Users

Command                      Description / Usage

?                                              Menu

Bye                                          Exit node

Connect                                   C port# node-to-connect-to

CONV                                     Connects to World Wide Converse server

Escape                                     Lists escape charter  (CTRL-T)

Finger                                       Internet finger command (info on Unix users)

Help                                         Displays a detailed description of  command queried

HOst                                        Does a DNS lookup of an Internet hostname

Info                                          Displays Linuxnode version information

Links                                        Displays AX.25 link status for each port

Mheard                                    Lists heard node list

Ping                                          Ping an Internet host address

Ports                                        Lists node port list and frequencies

Status                                       Displays Linuxnode server status / information

TAlk                                        send a message to a connected user on the node

Telnet                                       Telnet to an Internet Host – Use: Help Telnet for info

Users                                       List connected users




Worlwide Converse Command Reference

/?                                                          Print help information

/Away [text]                                                Mark user as being away

/ACtion text                                              write action to channel

/ALl text                                                   send text to all users

/Beep                                                      toggle Beep-Mode

/Bell                                                       toggle Beep-Mode

/BYe                                                        Terminate the convers session

/Channel n                                                  Switch to channel n

/CHARset [in [out]]                           Change terminal emulation (default ansi)

/Destinations                                               List reachable ping-pong hosts

/Exit                                                       Terminate the convers session

/EXClude user text                     Send Text to all on channel except user

/Filter [args]                                              Filter unwanted messages

/Help [command]                                 Print help information

/HOsts                                                      List reachable ping-pong hosts

/Invite user                                                Invite user to join your channel

/IMsg user text                                          Send Text to all on channel except user

/IWrite user text                                          Send Text to all on channel except user

/Join                                                       Switch to channel n

/Links [args]                                               List or setup links (see "help links")

/LISt                                                       List all channels and topics

/LAst user                                                  List last appearances of user

/LEave [channel]                     Leaves specified or default channel

/Msg user|#channel text                  Send message to a user or joined channel

/ME text                                                    write action to channel

/MOde #channel options                        Set channel options

/NOtify [calls]                                             Send notice if one of calls signs on

/NOTE [text]                                                set personal description

/Operator [number]                     become operator

/Personal [text]                                       set personal description

/PRompt abcd                                    prompts a=query b=std c=ctrl-g d=ctrl-h

/Quit                                                       Terminate the convers session

/QUEry [user]                                               Start/End a private conversation

/Send user text                                          Send a private message to user

/Sysop [number]                                 become operator

/Topic [#chan] [text]                           set channel topic. Text=@ removes topic

/Users [*|A|L|Q]                                List users and their channel numbers

/UPtime                                                     how long is this conversd up ?

/Verbose                                                    toggles verbose Flag

/VERSion                                                    show version information

/Who [*|A|L|Q|U users]                          List users and their channel numbers

/WIdth [value]                                              set/show terminal width

/WRite user text                                          Send a private message to user